ecr 01 - Laughterhouse / Karoshi Drinking Club - split cassette (SOLD OUT)
split release, two tracks by Welsh guitar manglers Laughterhouse and one long improvised guitarscape by the Karoshi Drinking Club.  cassette only.

ecr 02 - Laughterhouse - how turning a page in a glossy magazine                                            changed my cosy life
first and only album of sonic youth, faust and buzzcocks inspired garage rawk.

ecr 03 - Psychic Space Invasion - buddhists drive green cars  (SOLD OUT)
long deeply meditative drone piece consisting of a series of overlapping and wildly oscillating sine waves slowly raising and then descending in pitch over the course of 40 minutes.
originaly produced as a xmas card for friends in 2002.
DVD box packaging.
19 copies only

ecr 04 - Psychic Space Invasion - this quiet world 
hand made cdrs in full colour sleeve. given away throughout 2003.
available for download in the archive section of the biv0uac website and occasionally as part of the ECRecords download project.

ecr 05 - Psychic Space Invasion - book of dreams 
'Holloway creates ambient music that is deep, spacey, complex and exceedingly dark. He fills his sonic space with mysterious drones, some of them deep and oceanic, others thin and shrill. Through the drones, gurgling electronics, twitching, twittering glitches, spacer moans, bell like chimes and distant voices echo and melt. And even though this music can be categorised as ambient, it never completely drifts into the background. Sometimes the sounds are so arresting that it is impossible to divert your attention away from them.' - jeff fitzgerald, aural innovations.
available to download at the biv0uac website.
75 copies.

ecr 06 - Psychic Space Invasion - lullaby for rhodri 
folded paper poster  collage sleeve. released as a birthday present for the buff monkey.
6 copies only

ecr 07 - Psychic Space Invasion - in the mean time 
given away to friends.  can be occasionally downloaded as part of the ECRecords download project.
10 copies only.

ecr 08 - Various - the breath of forgotten places 
compilation featuring exclusive tracks from - psychic space invasion, jebus, directive 4, swn, ulysses girelle, green end listening station and buff monkey ensemble.
collage sleeve by neil (directive 4) rowling.
75 copies.

ecr 09 - Jebus - the ants are eating my head 
'[...] four untitled pieces [...] cyber-tooled with murky throbbings, zero grav oscillations and arrhythmic metallic skritching.  Theirs is a sound that is surely more than the sum of their influences and one as spicily alien as modernist taste decrees.' - steve prescott, rumbles, terrascope online.
75 copies.

ecr 10 - Ian Holloway - music for eating 
private commission of eno-esque piano pieces.
2 copies.

ecr 11 - Psychic Space Invasion - and the cows go mu 
'Hear drones sprinkled with shimmers and coo's, hearken distant planetary landscapes and almost imperceptible sonic evolutions washing over and through one's sensibilities. Sample delicate whirrings that shift position and change shape, scurrying up front before backing off and then reconverging into an imperceptibly controlled lava-lamp of sound. CRAZY DADDIO!!' - gary simmons, giag zine.
50 copies.

ecr 12 - Itto - sound on an empty road
itto is ian (PSI) and neil (Directive 4).
'throughout this is more abstract and experimental drone music than 'just' drone music. At times the frequencies used are a bit too nasty and mean to get classified as pure drone music, but this more adventurous road is certainly one of the things that make this one of the better ones in it's genre.' - frans de waard, vital zine
50 copies

ecr 13 - Psychic Space Invasion - the magpie rhyme
'Here the music is also lurking in ambient corners, but is throughout more musical and less based on drone music.  Strange percussive sounds and guitar feedback set against a wall of ambient sounds, making this a more massive release [than ''], filled with sound from every corner.' - frans de waard, vital zine
50 copies.

ecr 14 - Psychic Space Invasion - all god's children got space
Drone piece
'Ian Holloway / Psychic Space Invasion has created a minor masterpiece of static minimalism which you'd be silly not to grab. [...]  Warmly recommended.' - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes.

ecr 15 - Various - The Eternal Present
Compilation featuring exclusive tracks by Kiss My Farkyn, Swn, Les 7 Mondes, Ghoul Detail, Analgeek, Psychic Space Invasion & The Buff Monkey Ensemble.

'A great place to start is with 'The Eternal Present' a seven track compilation which showcases the labels roster and features some fine drone / electronica within it's 41 minutes' - Simon Lewis, Rumbles, Terrascope Online.

ecr 16 - Psychic Space Invasion - Pendulum

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