08 January 07
Hello and welcome to the last news posting from ECR. After 5 years of trading we've decided to put the old girl out to pasture.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us and to those same people we say here's to the next 5 years as we move over to our new home as


eventually all ECR releases will be archived and available through the site. In the meantime there are several of our albums...
Psychic Space Invasion's
this quiet world
in the mean time
and the cows go mu
all god's children got space

along with
sound on an empty road

available through www.lastfm.com (just type the band name in the player browser)

The last ever ECR release is available now, Psychic Space Invasion - Pendulum, if you'd like a copy then please email me here.  The usual rules apply (see below).

More new music will follow around February or March.

thanks to you all - especially Sue, Adam, Donna, Craig, Xristos, Rod, Nik, Neil, Jon, Frank, Steve, Wayne, Dan and Maxx

the next (very expensive looking) round is on me.


25 August 06
The latest issue of ECReviews is now online.  Lots of good music for you to check out.

14 June 06
Four pieces of news.

Firstly within the next fortnight we should finally have the much delayed ITTO album available - and damn fine it is to.  Itto is a collaboration between Ian of PSI and Neil of Directive 4.  It's a long and meandering drone piece called 'Sound on an Empty Road'.

Secondly, the first  and long gone PSI album 'This Quiet World' is this months featured download go here to get it.

Thirdly, if you go to the Psychic Space Invasion myspace page you can find a rough version PSI video by the ever wonderful and inappropriately hairy Rhodri 'Buff Monkey Ensemble' Thomas.  We're also hoping for an album off him by the end of the summer.  Those of you who have heard his contributions to our two compilations will doubtlessly be as interested as we are to hear what he comes up with.

Lastly, a quick thank you to frans at vital, simaon at rumbles and, especially massimo at touching extremes for their fantastic reviews.  over the next month we will be slightly redecorating and adding new links - these will e amongst them.

11 April 06
Psychic Space Invasion - all god's children got space. 
New 40 minute drone piece.
Various - the eternal present.
Featuring Psychic Space Invasion, Ghoul Detail, Les 7 Mondes, Kiss my Farkyn, Swn, Analgeek and the Buff Monkey Ensemble.

cd are free but please pay the postage - 2 cds = £1.50 in the UK / £3 in the ROW

email for more info.

13 December 05
Over the festive period access to a computer will be limited (i'm moving house) and as such it may take a while to respond to queries and orders.  Please be patient.  I will reply to all messages as soon as i can.

The new year will bring a whole raft of new releases from ECR.  We will be starting the year with a new Psychic Space Invasion drone release and also the, much delayed, Itto album.  Following that expect a new compilation featuring a whole host of friends of the label.

before then however we wish you all a happy solstice / merry xmas (delete as applicable) and wish you all the best for 06.

10 October 05
Of late we've been getting sent loads of cds and fanzines from all over the world.  In response to this we will, in the next month, be launching our own fanzine called 'ECReviews' (we had to - sorry).  At first this will be an on line service but there will, eventually, be an accompanying paper version which will be included in all our mailouts.  Send your stuff to our usual address.

On the subject of reviews, there's a nice long review of Jebus, 2 Psychic Space Invasion albums and the 'Breath...' compilation at Vital.

6 September 05
The new Psychic Space Invasion album called 'The Magpie Rhyme' is out now.
Usual rules for getting a copy apply. check out the posting below, dated 21 march, if you're unfamiliar with how we do things.

also 'This Quiet World' is now available for download here.

28 June 05
'In The Mean Time' is now available for downloading from the mp3 page of this here site.  we hope you enjoy.

also, happy birthday to neil (Directive4) for today.  you don't look a day over 40 mate.

21 june 05
a quick apology for those of you waiting for us to post the next in our series of downloads.  we are having some small problems at the moment but hope to be back with a vengence next month with the next album for downloading (psychic space invasion - In The Mean Time) and also the second release in our Liminal Animal drone series (Itto - Sound On An Empty Road) and the brand new Psychic Space Invasion album called 'The Magpie Rhyme'.  Usual rules apply for getting hold of these (see below).  all the best.

21 march 05
as of this date, and for the forseeable future, ECRecords releases will be free

the reason is simple - we want people to listen to our music, we think it's worth hearing and luckily more and more people are agreeing with us everyday (see the review here - thanks to jeff and aural innovations zine),  but we are stuck in the perennial new band/label loop.

we intend to continue releasing cd's in runs of between 50 and 75 copies and these will be available on a first ask first get basis.  requests for CDs should be accompanied by a SAE or you can PAYPAL (to ianh45@msn.com) us the postage (2cds = £1.50, 3-4cds = £3) (help us out a bit, it's only fair).  We hope to one day go back to parting you all from your cash but in the mean time we feel this is the way to go.

contact us here for more information.


also - we have started a new download page.  we will be regularly rotating the tracks (monthly) with the emphasis on deleted titles.  currently it features a number of random tracks from members of the ECRecords family many of which are featured on the 'Breath of Forgotten Places' compilation.  April will see the posting of the full 'Psychic Space Invasion - This Quiet World' album.


ECRecords is also pleased to announce the resumption of our links with the New York based web-label Biv0uac.  their 'installation #3' will be launched in march and will feature a full, free download of the 'Psychic Space Invasion - Book of Dreams' album amongst a number of others.  we recommend you check it out.

25 january 05
a happy new year to you all and a happy birthday to me (tomorrow) and to nik (GELS) for next week. we hope you had a fab xmas.
Two new (glowing) reviews for 'Book of Dreams' and 'The Ants Are Eating My Head' have been posted at www.side-line.com. thanks to cedric for the kind words. 
both releases are still available but stock of the former is now very low.

24 november 04
we are pleased to announce the first release in our new 'Liminal Animal' drone series. 
'and the cows go mu' by Psychic Space Invasion is available from the usual address for the usual price.
don't forget, all new buyers get the freebie compilation as well.

15 november 04
the sadness continues
r.i.p. jhonn balance

27 october 04
"i need excitement, oh i need it bad"
r.i.p. john peel

29 september 04
there's a nice review of BOOK OF DREAMS, THE ANTS ARE EATING MY HEAD and BREATH OF FORGOTTEN PLACES to be found at the following link.  thanks to GIAG zine, Eldrich Palmer zine and Gary Simmons for their support.
review here

There's also reviews of both Book of Dreams and The Ants... on the Chain DLK website but i don't have the address to hand at the moment but go to the site and do a search, they're there somewhere.

14 september 04
ecr releases have been getting loads of airplay across the world lately and we would like to thank all the dj's / shows for playing our tunes.  when we get some spare time we'll create a links page to all your sites. cheers.

09 june 04
welcome to the new ECR website.  we currently have 4 releases available -

buddhists drive green cars & book of dreams by Psychic Space Invasion
the ants are eating my head by jebus
the breath of forgotten places compilation

all releases cost £4 in the UK / $7 elsewhere.

the compilation, which features exclusive tracks by most of our current roster, is not available to buy on it's own but you get it free when you buy one of the others.